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About Us

Can you imagine your favorite aroma as candlelight? We’re a small Singapore business offering handmade candles at affordable price.


About Us

 Get the therapy you need without breaking the bank.

Made with Care

Our Candles are safe for your home and better for the environment.

Scented Care emphasizes the importance of self-care through the power of scent and visual experiences.

Our team carefully curates each collection, ensuring that every item is locally handcrafted. We firmly believe that scents have the ability to stimulate our senses, positively impact our mood, evoke past memories, and even improve our sleep. Humans have a strong connection to scents, often associating them with significant moments from their past.

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Locally Crafted

Individualistic Scents, Without Compromise

Eco Friendly wax

Soy Wax and Beeswax

Eco Friendly Wick

Mixtures of Pure Cotton and Paper Fiber

Therapeutic Fragrances

Wide selections of enchanting scents to elevate your senses

Freshly made

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Each Order

From the artisanal production of every product to the careful packaging, ScentedCares products are carefully made with natural ingredients and careful handling.

My friend’s love the scented candles! Smells good as well

Jennifer Lee


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The Irresistible World Of Scented Candles

Safe Ambiance, Tailored to Your Tastes.

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Custom Scents

Personalized Aromas, Crafted with Care.

freshly made

We will create the candle from scratch, ensuring its always the newest batch.

Hand Made

Handcrafted with the safest materials that you can use with a peace of mind.